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Bau EPD GmbH runs a cross-sector programme for the issue of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for construction products. Our service is for all stakeholders interested in reliable, high-quality information concerning the sustainability of building-related products and services!

What is an EPD?

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) form the data basis for ecological product assessments over the entire life cycle of construction products and buildings. Want to compare? There's a sound basis for this!

The path to your EPD

There are several stages required to take you successfully to your EPD! We accompany construction product manufacturers through all of the stages. A description of the individual steps and a flow chart can be found here.

Bau EPD GmbH

Bau EPD GmbH: contact point for all stakeholders involved in construction. Short information paths, international networking. Find out more about our programme operation, our service and our team here!