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Costs and fees

There are three expense packages for calculating the costs of an EPD:

Package 1

The internal expense of the declaration holder (manufacturer, association of manufacturers)

Paket 2

Die Ökobilanzerstellung durch eine Fachabteilung/eine Fachfirma

Paket 3

Die Verifizierung, Deklarationserstellung und Teilnahme am Programmbetrieb der
Bau EPD GmbH

re 1. The internal expense of the declaration holder (manufacturer, association of manufacturers)

Examining one’s own production:

Life cycle inventory surveys in the plant, data collection from suppliers, etc. – this is an expense that has to be made “the first time” but it is worth it. Looking at the information about one’s own operation from a new perspective saves on costs and resources in the future, and leads to innovations and new solutions.

The data is updated every 5 years – process flows are optimised and the internal expense becomes absolutely manageable.

re 2. LCA preparation by a specialised department/company

Consulting by experienced life cycle assessment teams:

The LCA practitioner has the necessary software products and basic databases, experience in LCA modelling and advises “in all directions” on the best possible way of presenting the product range using EPD documents.

The pricing of external specialised companies varies, Bau EPD GmbH is happy to assist with obtaining quotes in advance.

re 3. Verification, preparation of the declaration and participation in the programme operation of
Bau EPD GmbH:

Our current fee scale for the preparation of EPDs at Bau EPD GmbH can be found here:

Fee Regulation as per January 2022

The fee scale is intended as a guideline jointly determined by Bau EPD GmbH and the Technical Advisory Committee in order to enable programme operation and to continue to improve the recognised quality.

The tiered fee rates are intended to enable every manufacturer to participate in the programme – regardless of the size of the operation.

A cost discount can be given if a declaration holder has several similar EPD projects.

As soon as the scope of the project has been clarified, we will prepare individual offers at any time!