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ECO Platform

The umbrella organization with the aim of harmonizing and networking all existing EPD programs in Europe.

ECO Platform

The umbrella organisation with the aim of harmonising and networking all existing EPD programmes world-wide.

Bau EPD GmbH is a member of the ECO Platform. The ECO Platform is an international, non-profit association founded in 2013. The aim of the ECO Platform is to promote the harmonisation and networking of all existing EPD programmes world-wide. Based on the EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards, an international “core EPD” with the same content structure is to be created, which will be more easily recognised in other countries. The quality of the content and the extent of the verification of EPDs can therefore be optimally ensured. For product manufacturers, this dismantles trade barriers and lowers the costs of EPDs. Environmental indicators can then be communicated easily and everywhere in the same layout and format. Access to national building materials databases and user scenarios is made easier.

ECO Portal

The ECO Portal is the new interface for digital transfer of EPD or LCA data in the building sector.

With the ECO Portal, the ECO Platform provides a central collection point for EPD data, which is made possible through close cooperation with existing networks and many programme operators for EPD creation.

The first version of the ECO Portal provides an insight into what an international point of contact for LCA tools and other digital (or also analogue) user scenarios might look like. The data is provided under the respective licence conditions of the individual data suppliers/EPD programme operators and is managed by them.

The long-term goal is to supply all existing and verified data with an ECO logo to give users a good overview of what data is available on the market.

EPDs get the "EPD verified" Logo

Verified EPDs get the "ECO Platform EPD verified Logo" - a mark for quality, transparency and credibility.

Note: ECO Platform has changed its logo in November 2021! The association has grown on a global basis and some of its members verify EPD for construction products not only as per EN 15804 but also on an international level as per ISO 21930! The logo is now "more general".

EPDs are valid for 5 years.

You may find on many EPD the old logo (in some cases until Oktober 2026).

Old"ECO EPD verified Logo" valid until 2026!

Up to October 2021 published EPD keep the old Logo - in case of extension (latest by October 2021) they get the new logo.