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Individual third party verifiers

The system is supported by natural, individual persons who may be listed as independent, external verifiers at Bau EPD GmbH as the programme operator. As the programme operator, Bau EPD GmbH, together with the PCR committee, is responsible for approving independent verifiers who check EPDs drawn up by LCA practitioners.

People who want to work as independent verifiers in Austria can apply at any time and have to undergo a quality assurance procedure.

The application form for individual external verifiers can be downloaded here:

Pool of verifiers at Bau EPD GmbH

DI Therese Daxner

Daxner&Merl GmbH

DI Dr. Franz Dolezal

Materialökologie, Bauphysik
Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH

Mag. Hildegund Figl

Geschäftsführung Baubook GmbH, LCA-Expertin
Baubook GmbH

DI Dr. sc. ETHZ Florian Gschösser

assoz. Prof., Lektor
Universität Innsbruck

DI Dr. Adolf Merl

Daxner & Merl GmbH

DI (FH) Angela Schindler

Geschäftsleitung, Consulting

DI Hanna Schreiber

Expert LCA & Carbon Management
Environment Agency Austria

DI Roman Smutny

Universitätsassistent, Lektor
Universität für Bodenkultur