PCR for interested parties, external consultation

New or reviewed and adapted PCR are shown here for public consulation - comments are welcome!

New or revised PCRs are released to the public for inspection - comments welcome!

Here the Austrian PCRs (product category rules) are made available for download for all interested parties.

General PCRs (the Management System Handbook and its applicable documents) contain rules for all construction products; they are drawn up by the PCR committee. The product-specific PCRs were drawn up by PGFs (product group forums = PCR committee members + construction material manufacturers) and verified and approved by the PCR committee.

Interested parties are invited to send their comments and feedback within 4 weeks after publication before the PCRs are verified one last time and approved for the creation of the EPD.

All comments are to be added to the Word document in Track Changes mode and submitted to:
Please do not forget to provide contact details for queries!