Product specific PCR

Product-specific PKR contain additional rules for individual building material categories in order to improve comparability.

Valid PCR-B parts are currently available according to the applicable standardisation as per
EN 15804:2014+A1 and EN 15804:2019+A2

Both versions of the standard will be maintained in parallel until the end of 2022. EPDs published by then in accordance with EN 15804+A1 will be valid for a full 5 years.

We recommend that building material manufacturers commission according to EN 15804+A2 from 2021 onwards when issuing EPDs for the first time or renewing valid EPDs. We will be happy to advise you on the validity in user databases (Baubook, OEKOBAUDAT)!

All PCR-B parts on this page are approved by the PCR committee for EPD creation.

Revision is only carried out when necessary or after 5 years at the latest.

In the EN 15804+A1 versions the latest versions are published, according to which assessments could theoretically still be carried out until the end of 2022.

The previous versions according to A1 are only published if they have an associated EPD, which may be valid but can also be found among the expired EPDs.

Interim versions that have been updated but not used for assessing EPDs can be requested at if anyone is interested and needs these.

CEN TC Standards - European specific product category rules for construction products

Information: In the meantime, some TCs (Technical Committees) in the CEN (European Standardization Committee) have already published product-specific PCRs for construction products. As a member of the ECO Platform, Bau EPD GmbH has undertaken to adopt these PCR. The content is continuously transferred to the product-specific PCR of Bau EPD GmbH.


List of published CEN PCR